Welcome Message from the Organizer


It is with hope and excitement that we welcome the arrival of the 10th Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair (HKINF). Due to the global pandemic, this is our first fair since the 9th HKINF in September 2019. It is truly extraordinary that, after over 3 years of delay, the world is opening up thanks to concerted global effort to contain the pandemic. We are very happy to see the world gradually returning to normal with a positive outlook.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone’s support in the past nine shows. Eight years have passed since our first show, during which we have grown continuously and have experienced two significant expansions. We learnt from experience and have always been looking for ways to improve. It is our honour to have the support from dealers and collectors from all around the world. Each show we welcomed new exhibitors, who injected new ideas and enriched our show. Today, we are glad to be joined by exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions in each show. All their support has made HKINF a truly international numismatic event.


To attract the best exhibitors from all around the globe, our team has seized every chance to deliver our passion and ideals to every corner of the world. We are confident that more and more exhibitors are joining us in the future, which is going to translate into a richer platform for collectors’ exchange, both in terms of breadth and depth.


The world’s largest numismatic auctioneer, Heritage Auctions, has been the official auctioneer of HKINF for every show since the very beginning. As usual, the biannual Hong Kong auction will kick off the 4-day event. All the exquisite offerings are bound to attract strong interests. Previous auctions have realised numerous record-breaking prices, as well as an ever-growing sales total. In order to better support regional business growth and to provide better services to clients, Heritage Auctions has expanded its business amid the pandemic, and has moved to a larger office.


To accommodate the expanding auction and HKINF, the 11th HKINF will undergo its third relocation to a larger venue. We are pleased to announce that the next show will be held at the Crystal Ballroom at Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel. There will be more exhibition space and we look forward to welcoming more international exhibitors and visitors. It is with great excitement that we await your participation in December.


Our team has been learning from every show and has always aspired to offer the best experience for all. We hope all guests found every show memorable and pleasant. It is our aspiration to provide a vibrant and diversified numismatic event.


Finally, we would like to again express our deepest gratitude to everyone of you who are here. The HKINF team will strive for the best, and bring forth a numismatic fair with wonderful memories.


Kenneth Yung

Organizer, Hong Kong Numismatic International Fair