Heritage HK | HKINF Platinum Session and Signature® Auction will start from 20 June!

This year’s return to the Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair is certainly a cause for celebration, and with it comes one of Heritage Auctions’ strongest and most comprehensive offerings of Asian and related numismatics. With the continued meteoric rise in interest for iconic and high-grade rarities spanning ancient China through the Qing, Republic, and People’s Republic eras, this auction will truly speak to all collectors and promises to stir tremendous excitement in the global collecting community.

Undoubtedly, the contents of this June’s HKINF Platinum Session and Signature® Auction are among the finest we’ve encountered in a single sale, headlined by prominent Imperial and Republican patterns. Of these, an impressive “Long-Whiskered Dragon” dollar on offer combines absolute rarity, historicity, and eye appeal that will render it among the auction’s top lots. A handful of proposed Sun Yat-sen dollars in admirable preservation of Austrian, Japanese, and British design also pepper the sale, as well as the famed gold “Kuping” tael and “L. Giorgi”-signed Yuan Shih-kai dollar.

The provincial series does not disappoint, showcasing a pair of Shantung gold pattern 10 and 20-dollar issues our firm hasn’t handled in seven years and seldom comes to market in gem preservations. One of approximately six-known Hunan pattern 50 cents struck in 1898 is also present, with most examples housed in advanced collections and unlikely to be seen anytime soon. We would be remiss if we did not mention the four Kweichow “Auto” dollars in this first session, topped by an unfathomable NGC certified MS62 which is tied for the second-finest of the type.

Approaching modernity with the People’s Republic, the highlights are substantial in size and desirability and are defined by their relatively low mintages. Six kilo-sized gold lunar issues populate the pages within, including years of the monkey, rooster, and dog from 2004-2006, each with small mintages of just 15. Elsewhere, our representation of Hong Kong issues produced in the 3-year period of the local mint is surely the finest we’ve yet seen in a single showing, with a myriad of Proof and Mint State dollars from 1866-1868, bookended by an 1865 silver pattern in PR65 and an 1866 proof set.

The banknotes collections are also remarkable. First is the extremely rare China Hupeh Government Cash Bank 5 Yuan 1904, which is the one and only example. Also, we should not miss the iconic 1899 Hupeh Government Mint 1 Dollar and the stunning Peiyang Tientsin Bank 1 Dollar, printed by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Company.

Chinese Banknotes have always been a craze among collectors. The most eye-catching one among all the prominent banknotes must be the China Sinkiang Provincial Bank 6,000,000,000 Yuan 1949. This rare note is not only the key note from the Sinkiang Provincial Bank, but it is also known as the largest denomination banknote along the entire Chinese history. This note is surely one of a kind, and also the single finest grade we could find. It is definitely a true treasure that collectors dream of. In addition, the China People’s Republic 3 Yuan 1953 is also as splendid as the other top-tier. With a very short release time and a unique design with an uncirculated appearance, it becomes such a precious with an extraordinarily high collection value. It is impossible to list out all the dazzlingly priceless banknotes. We sincerely invite you to join us at the lot-preview session and enjoy with us!

As always, we look forward to this June’s event, fully confident that our audience of engaged bidders will marvel at the breadth, scale, and quality of the offerings herein. And we hope that fervent collector interest in this world-class material creates ideal conditions for unprecedented results. We thank you for your participation and passion as you join us in this era of your collecting journey. Best of luck to all, and happy bidding.