PCGS Exclusive Express Grading Service

 🎉 PCGS Exclusive Express Grading Service – take your coin collection to the next level!🔥

📆 Event & Express submission Date: December 11th-13th, 2023
⏰ Orders Return Date:
Modern – February 2024
Economy or above – Mid-March 2024

✨ Here’s what you need to know:
1️⃣ Fast Returns: Submit during the show, regardless of the tier, ×we guarantee your graded coins will be returned to you by mid-March 2024.
2️⃣ Special Promotion during the Show: For all submissions made during the HKINF from December 11th to 13th, we have below incredible offers just for you:✨
[1] Submit Modern / Modern Value, grade 10 pay 9 !
When you submit a batch of 10 Modern/Modern Value coins, you’ll only be charged for the grading service of 9 coins. The 10th coin will be graded absolutely FREE!
[2] Submit 30pcs for grading, you’ll receive ONE Asian City Coin of your choice (while stock lasts).
If you submit a maximum of 150pcs during the show, we’ll reward you with a set of Asian City Coins (5pcs) 😙
🚀 Don’t Miss out, Come find us in HKINF Booth D1-D3! 🚀
For more information and to stay updated on our services, please follow us on social media, or contact us directly via WhatsApp/ WeChat/ Phone.
× Please note that some orders may take longer to grade based on the condition of the coins. In such cases, we will not be able to provide further updates on the grading progress.
PCGS reserve the right to modify or amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.