World Currency Auctions – Heritage Auctions’ HKINF Offerings Dec. 6-7 2018 Highlight


Stunning selection currency as collectors open cabinets for the first time

Heritage’s Dec. 5-7 World Currency Auction for HKINF features a stunning, National Bank of China Limited 5 Dollars 2.5.1894 KNB1a Pick 247a, a rare Hong Kong National Bank of China Limited Issue (est. $50,000-$70,000). With less than a handful of such notes known to the collecting community from this small bank, the example issued by the crown colony of Hong Kong is a rare exception from the era when the majority of banks operating during the late Empire era were either foreign or local Chinese.
World Currency, Hong Kong National Bank of China Limited 5 Dollars 2.5.1894 KNB1a Pick 247a.. ...
One of the earliest examples of paper money from the Yuan Dynasty, a scarce Chih Yuan T’ung Hsing Pao Ch’ao 2 Kuan 1264-1341 Pick UNL S/M#C167-1, is likely to surprise most collectors (est. $40,000-$50,000). These early notes were printed on mulberry paper and charcoal dye was used for both the script and design. This historical example is well preserved, a certain highlight in any collection.

An exceedingly rare Shanghai Branch “Local Currency” issue by the Bank of Taiwan Limited, a Bank of Taiwan Limited – Shanghai 5 Dollars 1.6.1916 Pick S625, is the only graded example in PMG’s census. Both serial numbers and signatures are present on this lightly circulated example.

As always, Heritage Auctions is fully confident that the audience of interested bidders will appreciate the breadth, scale, and quality of the offerings herein. Holding in tandem with the Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair, we present on of the top occasions for collector, investors, and enthusiasts alike to see some of the best pieces the market has to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to share a story, discuss a lot, or better target that key issue that will complete your collection. To know more information, please email to, or simply call +852 2155 1698.