PCGS will provide free paper currency grading service during HKINF. For any paper currency of modern (1961 – present) service level submitted to PCGS booth at HKINF, 10 paper currencies in maximum can be graded for free ($10 processing fee shall be paid for each evaluation form).

(All PCGS members and authorized dealers can participate in this activity. The free grading service
is limited on the first-come, first-served basis.)

Other special offers, PCGS crossover special offer and modern coin grading special offer are only held for a limited period.  For 25 or more coins on a single evaluation form, $1 processing fee can be waived for each coin. The deadline of special offer is December 9, 2018.

A variety of special labels are open to modern coins. If 5 modern coins with the same theme are submitted on a single submission form, you’ll get a special label for free. For details, please contact PCGS representative.

PCGS ASIA will accept regular submission at HKINF.