Time flies, this is HKINF’s ninth show. In  the previous shows, we are grateful to have wide support and recognition from all participants. The HKINF team are learning from experience as always. We strive for the best and are ready to contribute to the continuous growth of the industry.

As always, HKINF is a truly international show. Among our exhibitors are the top dealers, auctioneers and grading companies from over 30 countries or regions. It is our vision to provide an ideal platform for all exhibitors. The show also attracts collectors and enthusiasts, rookies and experts alike, from over 50 countries. We aim to expand and develop the numismatic circles.

It is our pleasure to have Heritage Auctions, the world’s largest numismatic auctioneers, as our official auctioneer since our first show. This year’s auction will be held 4-6 December. HKINF is Heritage’s first overseas numismatic auction, featuring Asia coins and currencies with a bulk of Chinese coins and banknotes. We have seen constant growth in the previous eight auctions and are very proud of the excellent results achieved. HA.com is also widely recognised as the world’s best bidding website.

This year’s Heritage’s Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair Auction welcomes bidders with its highlight — a complete Ferracute Specimen Double Pattern Set. This 10-Pieces lot is sold with its original wooden cases. These historical specimens are extremely rare. The rich history they are embedded with, which makes them all the more desirable, are absolutely fascinating. Heritage also offers a series of museum-standard items. From Mr. Opitz’s collection are a rich variety of Silver Sycees, Money Tree and Tea brick money etc.. Items from the currency auction are equally scarce and beautiful. We expect fierce bidding from collectors and enthusiasts all around the world, such will be the set scene for the three-day HKINF show.

The two top international grading companies, NGC and PCGS will be providing special grading service and holding other activities. This show will surely be remarkable with their participation.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you all again for joining us. We look forward to meeting you at the show. We hope that by joining the show, you can share your numismatics interests with more enthusiasts and expand your own collection.

Kenneth Yung
Organizer of the Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair